“Whatever you do, don’t get burnt by Apple Lightning 2.0.”

You got burnt. Burnt real bad. You just updated all your property’s rooms with the latest Apple charging tech – the docking station, complete with the 30-pin iPod/iPhone port. “We’re hip! We’re on trend! Boy, do we have the charging solution for you,” you advertised. And then, in the fall of 2012, just as tech complacency began to set in, Apple introduced its Lightning connector.

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Overnight, your technology edge became obsolete. Those charging alarm clocks became dinosaurs and irrelevant. Hundreds of thousands of docking stations, having overstayed their bedside welcome, were disposed of. For some consumers, Apple’s decision to move to the smaller and incompatible Lightning connector was a good excuse to ditch charging docks altogether. For hotels however, we know that this was a blow to the CAPEX budget that was just spent on these charging stations. Meanwhile, tech-heads, knowing that new technology adoption is getting quicker and more widespread, cheered for the mainstream use of wireless charging.

But the people who lost out the most were your guests. Yes, you’ve learnt your lesson. No more hotel investment in any tech that might change overnight – it’s enough to provide in-room power outlets and USB ports, and guests can use their own charging cables. No risk, no pain. Right?

Most Forgotten Travel Accessory

But here’s the thing – phone chargers are the most often forgotten and lost travel accessory. Ask your staff how often they’re requested to supply phone chargers — you’ll be surprised by their response. In 2016 alone, Amazon shoppers ordered 11 million of them on-the-go from their phone app.

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If only there was a charging solution that benefitted both hotel management and guests: a multi-device charging hub with upgradeable cables. Today, the microUSB is being replaced by USBc, and EU regulators are deliberating whether to force Apple to ditch its Lightning connector for future iPhones. Technology, by definition, always upgrades itself. And hotels, understandably, aren’t interested in keeping up.

Keeping Up with Tech — Wireless Charging

While Apple’s lightning connector sounded the first death knell for the original docking station, wireless charging seems to seal its coffin. But it doesn’t have to. A charging hub with hardware upgradeability keeps up with technology as it changes over time. Even with wireless charging. This style of charging station will never go out of fashion, as we always want to be connected, no matter where we are. By never having to replace it, you’ll save yourself money today, tomorrow, and the next day. You can advertise your technological edge again, smug in the fact that no matter what trick the Silicon Valley crew pull, your guests will always enjoy the latest and fastest charging power when staying at your property.

Kube Essentials Phone Charger

If you’d like to find out what fully upgradeable charging hub is best suited to your hotel, check out Kube’s Essentials. The docking station ain’t dead. It’s risen from the grave.

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