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Comfort Inn & Suites Boston Logan International Airport Adds Mobile Device Charging from Kube Systems

The midscale Choice Hotels International brand is offering guests a portable charging Kube to power their smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones and wearables anywhere on property

Guests of the Comfort Inn & Suites Boston Logan International Airport are exceptionally happy these days. No longer do they worry about a forgotten charging cord for their smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones or fitness bands. Instead, travelers check out a portable mobile device charging Kube from Kube Systems to power up anywhere on property. By simply leaving a credit card or drivers’ license at the front desk, one of five charging Kubes can be taken to their rooms or the hotel’s lobby, function space, breakfast area, indoor swimming pool, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, outdoor patio or onsite laundry to power up.

“At the Comfort Inn & Suites Boston, we are always striving to do something extraordinary that will help make our guests’ trips more seamless, memorable and stress free,” said Meredith White, General Manager. “Making our customers happy and comfortable is extremely important, especially since most are staying for a quick airport layover. With guests frequently asking front desk staff if they can borrow a charging cord, we went on a search to find a product that all guests can use despite the type of device they want to power. There are a lot of options on the market, but after seeing the durability and the versatility of the Kube 5 portable, we knew we found the best solution for our guests. And because it is sold through American Hotel Register, we ordered it easily. Our guests are very appreciative.”

The Kube 5 is sold as a set of five portable units and a recharging tray. Kubes can be strategically placed throughout the hotel or they can be made available individually to guests. Each Kube can be programmed with a variable timeout function to limit user time and avoid power squatting. The charging Kubes features three built-in connectors, two USB ports and comes with Qi wireless charging that enables guests to simply rest or “drop and charge” their mobile devices. Each provides up to nine hours of charge time at speeds comparable to those from wall outlets.

The Kube 5 portable is kept behind the front desk at the Comfort Inn & Suites Boston. When a guest requests a charging cord, front desk staff offer a charging Kube in exchange for collateral. On average, guests ask to use a Kube seven to 10 times a day, and each Kube is in use for approximately two hours and then returned.

“From an operations perspective, the Kube 5 is the ideal solution for our midscale hotel because we don’t need to have to purchase a piece of charging equipment for each room; because it’s portable, it’s affordable,” White said. “Better yet, because we are holding the guest’s credit card or drivers’ license until the Kube is returned, we aren’t afraid that it will walk off; besides, you need the docking station to re-charge the unit. It’s the best possible option for our hotel. We’re so happy that our guests are so happy with the Kube 5.”

Owned and operated by the Saunders Hotel Group, White said the Kube 5 may soon be considered for other properties within their system, from midscale to luxury.

“Bringing the Kube 5 to the Comfort Inn & Suites Boston supports what we have been saying all along – that you don’t need to be a luxury hotel to equip your property with a best-in-class mobile device charging system,” said Dave Weinstein, Kube Systems Vice President. “Kube 5 is affordable for every size and segment of hotel, and it meets the diverse charging needs of guests. We are thrilled that Kube 5 is in such high demand at this popular airport destination, and we look forward to growing our business within the Saunders Hotel Group portfolio.”

For more information on the Kube 5 from Kube Systems, click here. To see Kube Systems’ guestroom solutions, click here. For media inquiries, contact Barb Worcester at (440) 930-5770 or email