A Case Study

Providence Marriott Downtown Elevates Service with Trendsetting Kube 5 Portable Mobile Charging System

Owned and operated by Meyer Jabara Hotels, the property makes charging Kubes available to guests in its Greatroom, restaurant/bar, patio, guestrooms and meeting spaces

No one likes to be tethered to a wall outlet when needing to charge a mobile device, especially when the power source is not in close proximity to the person’s preferred location. With customer satisfaction a top priority at the Providence Marriott Downtown in Rhode Island, management set out to find a more convenient solution for charging guests’ mobile devices. As the preferred provider of premium charging solutions to Marriott International Inc., Kube Systems was called upon to save the day. Today, the property has 15 Marriott-branded portable charging Kubes available – each Kube capable of charging up to six mobile devices simultaneously using built-in iPhone and Micro USB cables plus Qi wireless charging.

“At the Providence Marriott Downtown, we want guests to recharge, refresh and rediscover,” said Director of Rooms Todd Lincoln. “Recharging, however, has multiple meanings, especially to today’s mobile dependent guests. In our reinvented lobby or ‘Greatroom’ for example, we didn’t want guests propping themselves against a wall or abandoning a device several feet away when charging their phones or tablets; after all, this is a space where design and technology come together to deliver exceptional service. While the Greatroom offers ample access to power, I read a ‘Best Practices’ article on the Marriott website about the Kube 5 portable charging system that would bring portable power to our guests whenever and wherever they need it without having to use an electrical outlet. It was just what we were looking for.”

The Kube 5 is a set of five portable charging units and a recharging tray. Each unit features three built-in connectors, two USB ports and comes with Qi wireless charging. Kubes can be strategically placed in high-traffic public areas or they can be made available individually to guests. Each portable Kube has an 18,000 mAh battery that charges at a speed comparable to wall outlets. It provides up to nine hours of phone charge time. Each Kube can be programmed with a variable timeout function to limit user time and avoid power squatting. The recharging tray is the only way to charge a Kube unit.

“Guests have been extremely receptive; they love the convenience and simplicity,” Lincoln said. “Most people use them in the lobby, at the bar, and outside at AQUA — our urban oasis that blends water, fire and sound into a relaxing pool and patio experience. Some guests even check them out at the front desk and take them back to their rooms. After all, it’s not uncommon for travelers to forget charging cables at home. We used to provide cables at the front desk to guests who need them, but handing guests a Kube vs. an old iPhone wire is far more impressive.

“A really cool benefit of these portable Kubes is that it enables our staff to be proactive in anticipating guests’ needs,” he added. “If someone sitting at the bar needs to power up, the bartender can present a Kube. Or, if a guest is wandering around the lobby looking for a vacant electric plug, a front desk clerk or manager can ask if they can assist with a charging Kube. It’s so simple. Kube Systems has made the Providence Marriott Downtown a trendsetter. This is really BIG in the eyes of our Millennial guests.”

With 15 Kubes readily available, hotel staff can expand the guest charging service to more people across more areas of the hotel.

“Today, we allocate one system for the front desk and lobby, one for the restaurant and bar, and one is mobile, capable of going wherever it is needed – which is predominantly in the meeting space,” Lincoln said. “Our regular customers are asking for these Kubes by name, and our first-time guests are blown away by the innovation. The Kube 5 portable system is really helping us elevate service with each charge.”

Powerful Investment

Committed to implementing technologies that enhance guests’ experiences and drive revenues, Meyer Jabara Hotels considers the Kube 5 system a worthwhile investment.

“Some of our staff experienced these charging Kubes during an executive meeting, and it was immediately apparent as to why they are in such high demand,” said VP of Operations Ron Antonucci. “Users love them because their needs are being proactively met. We love them because it enables our customers to stay longer at the bar or restaurant instead of running off to power up. Longer stays by happier guests means a healthier bottom line. Due to the success of the Kube 5 system at the Providence Marriott Downtown, we are now using it at our Cambria Suites in White Plains, N.Y. We look forward to even more positive reviews.”

Dave Weinstein, Kube Systems vice president, had this to say: “Time and again our customers tell us that these portable charging Kubes are functional, engaging, and always in use. Guests love the convenience of always being powered and connected – especially the drop-and-charge wireless feature of the Qi charging pad on the top of each unit. Owners love them because they drive revenue and because they are future proof; the cables are replaceable and can be upgraded when global charging standards change. We are eager to continue our relationship with Meyer Jabara Hotels and look forward to announcing yet another successful roll out at the Cambria Hotel White Plains in the near future.”