Engineered for Hospitality


KUBE Systems designs solutions specifically for commercial hospitality use.  We understand technology and that charging of technology is the number one issue for guests worldwide.

Kube Systems has created tailor-made solutions for the hospitality industry, blending innovation with intuitive technology. Our unprecedented charging convenience inspires brand loyalty and drives repeat business for a range of hospitality companies.

Our solutions surprise and delight guests with features including wireless ‘drop and charge’, high-speed portable charging, charging of all smartphones, tablets, cameras, wearable technologies and AC output for laptops.

As technology changes, we change and adapt, so rest assured your investment is protected with our products. We design and manufacture to the highest commercial standards, and continue to innovate by creating the latest in forward-thinking ways to charge devices.

Read some of our case studies here.

Kube Essentials

Alarm clock that charges all your devices

The Kube ‘Essentials’ is a sleek, elegant alarm clock with high-speed charging for up to 6 devices at once including your laptop.

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Kube Audio Clock

Charge up to 6 devices at once

With 3 built in connectors, 2 USB ports and the option of having Qi wireless charge pad fitted, running out of power is a thing of the past.

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What our clients are saying...

  • “A really cool benefit of these Kube 5 Portables is that it enables our staff to be proactive in anticipating guests’ needs. It’s so simple. Kube Systems has made the Providence Marriott Downtown a trendsetter. This is really BIG in the eyes of our Millennial guests.”

    Todd Lincoln
    Director of Rooms, Providence Marriott Downtown
  • “Users love them [Kube 5 Portable] because their needs are being proactively met. We love them because it enables our customers to stay longer at the bar or restaurant instead of running off to power up. Longer stays by happier guests means a healthier bottom line.”

    Ron Antonucci
    VP of Operations, Meyer Jabara Hotels
  • “Charging multiples items at once makes the Kube [Audio Clock] standout from other similar products. You’d be hard pressed to find something portable that the tool couldn’t charge.”

    Lee Turner
  • “A big plus that definitely gives this unit longevity as charger ports are changing quite often, is the fact that the charging cables can be swapped out if something new comes along.”

    Ray Gruenfelder
    The Guy Corner NYC