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Innovative Charging Solutions
Engineered for Hospitality

Kube Essentials

Phone, Tablet, Laptop Charger | Alarm Clock

The new Kube ‘Essentials’ is a sleek, elegant alarm clock featuring high-speed charging for up to 6 devices at once including your laptop.

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Kube Audio Clock II

Phone Charger | Alarm Clock | Music Player

With 3 built in connectors, 2 USB ports and a Qi wireless ‘drop & charge option, Kube Audio Clock II charges up to 6 devices at once.

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Award Winning Technology

Solutions for a connected world

Convenient charging solutions for your guests increases customer satisfaction and promises increased revenue for your venue.


for eliminating dead-battery anxiety

Kube Systems provides your hotel guest the perfect in-room charging amenity that helps you meet guest expectation of keeping their mobile devices charged while on the property.

Kube Systems has a charging solution for every type of hotel to fit most budgets. We offer an affordable, upgradeable, compact, multi-device charger to satisfy you and your guests charging needs.

Whether it’s an in-room alarm clock with Bluetooth Audio, or a portable charging unit for use in public spaces, there’s a Kube Systems product to enhance your guests experience.

With guests interacting with their technology like never before, KUBE Systems has a charging solution for that growing requirement and use. Even in a world of constant change to technology and hotel industry requirements, our KUBE Systems ensure investment protection with built-in charging cables that are upgradeable to next generation standards.

KUBE Systems have specifically designed three distinct charging products for commercial hospitality use, to exceed guest expectations and keep them returning again and again.

Guest Convenience

Tell your guests to leave their chargers and cables at home. Kube Systems allow your guests to connect and charge their devices almost anywhere. Bedside, poolside, lobby or even in the cabana on the beach.

Future Proof Asset

Kube Systems hardware is upgradeable and replaceable allowing you to stay a step ahead of global charging standards.

Creating a Truely Memorable Stay

There’s no denying technology and travel are deeply intertwined. Exceed guests expectations by providing a charging solution making them happier and giving another reason for frequent visits.


What our clients are saying...

  • “A really cool benefit of these Kube 5 Portables is that it enables our staff to be proactive in anticipating guests’ needs. It’s so simple. Kube Systems has made the Providence Marriott Downtown a trendsetter. This is really BIG in the eyes of our Millennial guests.”

    Todd Lincoln
    Director of Rooms, Providence Marriott Downtown
  • “Users love them [Kube 5 Portable] because their needs are being proactively met. We love them because it enables our customers to stay longer at the bar or restaurant instead of running off to power up. Longer stays by happier guests means a healthier bottom line.”

    Ron Antonucci
    VP of Operations, Meyer Jabara Hotels
  • “Charging multiples items at once makes the Kube [Audio Clock] standout from other similar products. You’d be hard pressed to find something portable that the tool couldn’t charge.”

    Lee Turner
  • “A big plus that definitely gives this unit longevity as charger ports are changing quite often, is the fact that the charging cables can be swapped out if something new comes along.”

    Ray Gruenfelder
    The Guy Corner NYC